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The Stuccowork of Pat McAuliffe of Listowel



36 pages, 210 x 148mm

Pat McAuliffe lived and worked in Listowel, Co. Kerry from 1846 to 1921. In a career as a builder he applied exterior plaster, or stucco, upon shopfronts and townhouse facades in the region. From the 1870s onwards he began to develop an ambitious and often exuberant style, using a broad range of elements culled from the vocabulary of classical architecture and ornament while exploring an eclectic mix of art nouveau, Celtic and Byzantine influences.

A publication was produced and freely distributed around the locality in 2008, featuring descriptions of some of McAuliffe's remaining facades, along with local anedotes and the social histories associated with their construction.

Download the publication as a pdf

Pat_McAuliffe pdf